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New Zealanders Don’t Often Recognize Miranda Kerr

Photo: The New York Times Style Magazine

In addition to giving Terry Richardson a shot in his butt (which, aside from this sentence, we’re choosing to ignore), Miranda Kerr has a nice big spread this month in T magazine’s fall fashion issue. Husband Orlando Bloom shot the editorial in New Zealand during a weekend off from his filming schedule for the new Hobbit movie. Kerr told T she appreciates the laid-back lifestyle down under — it’s a paparazzi-free zone, so the Bloom-Kerr family can go about their business unhassled. As the shoot illustrates, this means she gets to eat ice cream sundaes undisturbed, browse second-hand bookshops (but not for books to cut up, obviously), and frolic with some sheep. She can even wear dubiously chunky sandals knowing she’s safe from a tabloid’s “hit or miss” feature. Life’s simple pleasures!

New Zealanders Don’t Recognize Miranda Kerr