Peter Brant II: ‘Clearly’ Suri Cruise Is ‘Just an Awesome Person’

Harry and Peter.
Harry and Peter. Photo: Clint Spaulding/

Tucked inside of Vanity Fair’s September issue is another reason to pick up the magazine — aside from its 2012 International Best-Dressed List starring Morley Safer. Contributing editor Nancy Jo Sales profiles the brothers Brant, who are as chatty as ever. Peter discusses the possibility of being gay, Harry recalls recently hanging out on a private island with Naomi (Campbell), and the duo laments their failed plans to bring a baby panther to the Met Ball. But the best dialogue revolves around pint-size paparazzi bait, Suri Cruise.

Though he hasn’t met her, Peter says he’d like to. “She’s one of my idols,” he says. Both boys agree that Suri is something of a fashion guru. “And it’s all coming from her,” Harry remarks. “She’s always got some ‘do. I love her hair.” “Clearly she’s just an awesome person,” Peter agrees. “And she always has some, like, sassy frog slippers.” Harry continues, “And, like, jammies in the restaurant.” Or as Peter remembers, “Didn’t she have some ladybug boots? I was like, I need those.” Harry knows the ones he means: “I have them in gray.”

And probably in black and brown, too.

Peter Brant II: Clearly Suri Cruise Is Awesome