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Prince Harry Wasn’t Totally Naked in Those Vegas Pictures

The necklace in question.
The necklace in question. Photo: Extra TV/YouTube

Prince Harry’s two nude photos, posted on TMZ yesterday, show him cupping his crotch area while facing the camera and then bending over an equally naked girl while turned away. They’re blurry, tawdry-looking, and barely show his face, but there’s one dead giveaway that it’s him: his necklace, which features a distinctive round pendant that rests gently between his pectorals. Not only was he wearing it at the pool earlier in the weekend, he’s been photographed in it back home in England. In fact, the Daily Mail has been documenting its existence for months.

Reportedly a gift from his on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy from years ago, the necklace (or “love pendant,” as the Daily Mail calls it) consists of an amber-colored stone on a silver disk strung on a piece of leather. If you think it’s odd that he’s wearing such a thing while playing strip pool or going swimming, then you should also know that he wears it to play rugby and polo — just to spice up the uniform a bit, you know. Also, everyone knows that if you’re trying to save face in a stripping game you take off your jewelry first, so the necklace must be really important to him if he kept it on (though it’s certainly possible that dignity wasn’t a priority here).

In other news, now everyone in the porn industry knows how to outfit the titular character in their forthcoming “Strip Pool With Prince Harry” videos! So, thank goodness for that.

Prince Harry Wasn’t Totally Naked in Vegas