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Soon You Can Rub Some ‘Mint Romney’ All Over Yourself

Photo: Courtesy of Bliss

The wacky wordsmiths behind the products at Bliss Spa (“No-Zit Sherlock,” “Pore-fector Gadget”) have come up with two new body lotions, which will be handed out at the upcoming political conventions: The herby “Mint” Romney and the orange-scented “O”Bama. (The prez’s name was clearly not as fragrance-pun-friendly.) Complimentary for convention attendees, the red and blue bottles will also be available free for Bliss shoppers spending $50 or more online after August 27. As the company’s president, Mike Indursky, proudly tells the New York Times, it’s part of his brand’s  — wait for it! — ‘Eau’-lection series.

Rub Some ‘Mint Romney’ All Over Yourself