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Ryan Lochte May Have Peed on Prince Harry in Vegas

Sorry, Harry.
Sorry, Harry. Photo: Mindy Small/FilmMagic

As we noted yesterday, Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte were both in Vegas over the weekend (along with Jennifer Lopez, Pauly D, and lots of other people who are really glad they’re not famous enough to have their 4 a.m. exploits at XS written about on the internet … not that we’re speaking from personal experience or anything). At first blush, it seemed that Prince Harry kept to himself, but now a grainy video of him conversing with Lochte in the pool at the Wynn has surfaced. 

For some inexplicable reason, Lochte is not shirtless, instead preferring to wade around in a wet tee. More importantly, doesn’t Harry know not to stand so close to him in waterParticularly after alcoholic beverages have been consumed? Anyway, the video also shows them racing each other in the crowded pool, which basically amounts to them trying to clear people out of the way and then splashing around for a ten-foot distance. In short, we were totally wrong when we said that Lochte’s post-Olympic tour was getting awkward; turns out we’re not tired of him yet at all. You can see the full video, from the Daily News, here:

Ryan Lochte May Have Peed on Prince Harry