shopping with a guy

Shopping With Shoshanna’s Virginity-Taker From Girls

For our first installment of “Shopping With a Guy,” The Cut takes Alex Karpovsky of HBO’s Girls to the Steven Alan Annex in Tribeca for a little summer pick-me-up. While browsing the racks full of Acne, Filson, and Isabel Marant, the screenwriter and actor, who has a role in the upcoming Coen Brothers’ film Inside Llewyn Davis, spoke freely about his style preferences. He’s doesn’t like “dick whiskers,” but he is a fan of the “Jewish lumberjack” look. “I’m just a picky little bitch sometimes about what I like to wear,” he explained. Watch the video to see what catches his eye, and find out if he really likes pants with a slim leg.

Shopping With Shosh’s Virginity-Taker From Girls