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Simon Cowell’s Pre-X Factor Advice for Britney Spears: Put on a Bra

Photo: Marc Andrew Deley/2012 Marc Andrew Deley

When Britney showed up to the set with her girls roaming free under whatever ill-fitting or sheer top she surely had on, “It was made clear she is expected to be impeccably dressed and made-up for the show. And none of those ragged hair extensions,” a source told the Post. X Factor reps said Cowell in no way told Britney to fire her stylist; instead, he probably said something like, “There are only so many words I can drag out of my vocabulary to say how awful that was,” or, “It was exactly identical to a nightmare I had last week. I’m being serious. A week before I was due to start this, that is what woke me up in the middle of the night,” both quotations we pulled from this list of Simon Cowell’s Twenty Greatest Insults, once featured on a “Things to Do” in Connecticut website.

Simon Cowell Told Britney Spears to Put on a Bra