Simple Life: Hanna Putz Takes on Fall’s Bold Minimalism

Photo: Hanna Putz

For the “Out of the Box” series, The Cut approaches photographers with an unusual proposition: We pick the clothes, you have your way with them. Once a model, Austrian-born and London-based Hanna Putz secured her spot in the photography world as one of the ten finalists at this year’s International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères, France. The 24-year-old talked to The Cut about the feeling that motivated her to move to the other side of the shot: “I mostly enjoyed being in front of the camera … it’s an interesting moment, as you’re giving away a lot of yourself when being photographed, but at the same time it’s a very quiet, nearly meditative state when you’re close to forgetting that there’s a camera and people in the room, and you really only think in terms of images.”

The Cut sent Putz a trunk full of mainly monochromatic pieces by the likes of Jil Sander, Hermès, and J.W. Anderson. She enlisted her friends Minna, Lesly, and Benjamin, and cast three models — Fanny, Renee, and Clare — along with Minna’s dog, and Lesly’s baby, to pose in the minimalist looks, traveling between yet another set of friends’ East London house in Victoria Park and Lesly’s home in Paris. Though it’s easy to imagine them as a family, Putz explained, “There is no theme. The women are not connected, no, and Fanny and Benjamin met for the first time on this shoot.” Click ahead to see (and read) more of the story behind Putz’s shoot.

Fashion market editing by Michelle Reneau. Makeup by Nobuko Maekawa.

Simple Life: Fall’s Minimalism by Hanna Putz