Fall’s Big Trends: Athletic Stilettos, Shaggy Fur, Teeny Tiny Bags, and More

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Stilettos got athletic, with lace-up fronts. Fur made a wild, shaggy, and frequently colorful comeback. There was a lot of rich dark velvet, soft winter white, and suits and dresses cut in leather. Comme des Garcons came out with a killer graphic coat. Evening bags got teeny, tiny and very shiny. Long, ruffled skirts fancied up evening dresses, and turtlenecks—particularly white ones—looked incredibly fresh and clean. Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada went crazy for layers, while Dolce & Gabbana ungrannified needlepoint. There were trim suits in loud head-to-toe patterns, baroque and bejeweled evening looks, and plenty of boots to the knee (and above). Pants from DVF and Proenza Schouler got slouchy and super-relaxed, and Dior knocked it out of the park with an embellished velvet necklace that makes the statement of the season. Check out our slideshow of Fall’s Eighteen Big Ideas, and don’t forget to zoom in on the glorious details.

Photographs by FirstView; Hannah Whitaker (handbags, tall boots, necklace); Mete Ozeren (needlepoint background); Veneranda Bibliote ca Ambrosiana/Getty Images (baroque painting); Photo-illustration by Gluekit (baroque).

Slideshow: Fall’s Big Trends