All the Sparkle and Campy Glamour of Synchronized Swimming Costumes at the London Olympics


The diving pool at the London Olympics Aquatic Centre probably has a dusting of rhinestones at the bottom now. Why? Because the synchronized swimming events at this summer’s Games are half-finished. Over the past few days, the women’s duet teams performed in two preliminary rounds, with the finals splashing along nicely yesterday afternoon. Russia’s Natalia Ischenko and Svetlana Romashina took gold (after wearing costumes featuring Michael Jackson’s face — was there any other option?); meanwhile, Spain’s Ballestero Carbonell and Andrea Fuentes Fache won silver, and China’s Xuechen Huang and Ou Liu won bronze. Medals aside, everyone had pretty swimsuits to show off — click through our slideshow to see all the crystal-studded Lycra finery, and don’t ignore all the waterproof makeup either.

Slideshow: Sparkly Synchronized Swim Costumes