Street Style From One of the Last Remaining Summer Fridays

Photo: Bek Anderson

In New York City, a place better known for its relentlessly ambitious professionals than its beautiful weather, the concept of “Summer Fridays” can seem incongruous. But for those lucky enough to have a workplace that encourages beach time, taking off at 1 p.m. (or maybe 3 p.m. for overachievers) at the end of the week is a no-brainer. We sent photographer Bek Andersen to capture people as they left their offices with bright bags, elaborate seasonal nail art, wedges, and sunglasses. It’s no coincidence that Summer Fridays dovetail nicely with that other corporate tradition: Casual Fridays. Click though our slideshow of workday wear that transitions just as nicely to the Hamptons as it does to meeting friends for margaritas on a rooftop somewhere.

Street Style From One of the Last Summer Fridays