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‘Studious’ Nick Gruber: Calvin Klein Has ‘Been Supportive of My Sobriety’

TMZ caught up with the 22-year-old on Wednesday evening, the night before he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in Manhattan Criminal Court. Clad in his tortoiseshell glasses, Gruber told the camera that his ex-boyfriend has “been … supportive. Yeah, he’s been supportive of my sobriety. Yeah, I’ve been keeping clean, which is good, you know … clean on drugs and alcohol, which is good.” The most compelling part of this 44-second-long cinematic masterpiece is the introduction to Gruber’s blond friend. That must be Nastia, who reportedly wore a tank top that read “Don’t give a” and “depicted a naked man embracing a naked woman from behind” to court the next day. She seems like such a lovely girl.

‘Studious’ Nick Gruber: Calvin Klein Supportive