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Tavi Gevinson’s New Thing: Vintage Americana Windbreaker

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images, Courtesy of Tavi Gevinson

Devoted readers of Tavi Gevinson’s website Rookie know that the 16-year-old spent her summer “vacation” on her inaugural Rookie Road Trip, a goodwill tour of sorts through U.S. cities. Between mingling with fans, eating cupcakes, and blogging about fans and cupcakes, Gevinson managed to steal away for some shopping — at off-the-beaten-track thrift shops, obviously. Her prize purchase? “I just bought a red, white, and blue windbreaker with Coca-Cola and American flag patches,” she tells The Cut. “I found it at a vintage store in Portland and thought it would go perfectly with the other stuff I packed. Yesterday, I wore it with a top from the fifties that says ‘JET-SETTERS’ on the back and a red cheerleading skirt. Super Americana, back-to-school clothes.” Yes, literally back-to-school, not just “fall is coming” — perhaps she’ll wear it to the first day of her junior year this September.

Tavi Gevinson’s New Thing