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Ted Gibson Gets His Hands on Gabby Douglas’s Hair

Photo: Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Gabby Douglas handled all that ridiculous grief about her gelled-back half-ponytail like a real champ — by basically dismissing it. (“I just made history and people are focused on my hair?”) But now comes the news that Ted Gibson, stylist to Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie, will be personally tending to the Olympian. In an interview, Gibson tells the Daily Beast that he had been personally offended by the attack on Gabby: “You have this young girl doing amazing things, and the conversation becomes about her hair? It was ridiculous and shameful.” He claims that he won’t try to make the 16-year-old look 25 and that he wants her to “feel good about herself.” Fair enough. But please, Ted — don’t make her hair look like this

Gabby Douglas Gets a Celebrity Hair Stylist