the karl of it all

Voilà: Choupette’s First Major Fashion Spread

A star is born.
A star is born. Photo: Courtesy the Choupette Estate

Much ink has been spilled over Choupette’s beautiful blue eyes, her eating habits, and her tendency to sleep beneath pillows instead of on top of them. But until now, the world had yet to see a comprehensive photo spread that shows her in all her haughty, fluffy, irresistible glory. Luckily, i-D magazine managed to fill this gaping void with a lovely spread in the latest issue, which depicts the kittenish little coquette peering seductively out of a shopping bag, lounging in a (perfectly dry) marble sink, and reclining on a bed of fine lace. Just look at those caramel highlights and that carefree moue! And just imagine the the number of lint rollers that Karl’s team of maids must go through daily.