‘Free Pussy Riot’ Written in Blood at Russian Murder Scene

An elderly pensioner, 76, and her grocery store employee daughter, 38, were found dead from multiple stabbing wounds in their apartment in Kazan, Russia, under the message, “Free Pussy Riot,” evidently written in blood on the wallpaper, reports (warning: gruesome photo) The Moscow Times. It seems extremely unlikely that the murders are related to the feminist punk group’s protest, politically convenient though that might be. A state-run news website, Vesti.ru, reportedly ran the story under the headline “People Have Begun to Kill for Pussy Riot.” According to RT.comNikolay Polozov, the defense attorney for three band members who were sentenced to two years in prison earlier this month, called the murders “an abominable and dirty provocation.” Commenters are alternately blaming the U.S. and Russian governments for the murders and the message.

‘Free Pussy Riot’ Written at Murder Scene