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Alison Pill: I Want Marijuana for My Birthday


Fashion designer Chris Benz had birthday cake at the after-party for his show (he turns 30 next week), prompting Newsroom actress Alison Pill to confide, “I hate birthdays more than anything in the world,” because “I get my hair and makeup done daily and I get dressed daily, so the idea of being hair-and-makeup-ed and dressed for a particular day of any kind feels like work.” Her ideal birthday?

“The best birthday in the world is to have, at most, five people over for a barbeque and to make tofu because it’s my birthday and they have to like it.” Leaning toward The Cut’s audio recorder she elaborated, “I want a birthday that involves me and the movie Oliver and Company and some Champagne and some marijuana— and I’m speaking into the microphone because it should be legal.”

Her birthday, she said, is on November 27. If you’d like to send her a care package, “that would be awesome!” Her voice rising to a shout, she concluded, “Yeah, put this shit in the magazine! Give me the best birthday ev-ah!”

Alison Pill: I Want Marijuana for My Birthday