Beautygram: Updated Edie Sedgwicks at Marc Jacobs

Photo: Christina Han

For spring, the Marc Jacobs girl isn’t tan and fresh off a holiday. Instead, she’s definitely paler than usual, even a bit rock and roll (more into long nights out). To be precise, Francois Nars explained that the beauty look was inspired by Edie Sedgwick, but with an “updated and fresher” appeal (it is for 2013). He took out all the “heavier” elements that made Edie, Edie (thick lashes and too much eye makeup), instead mixing in a little Greta Garbo (thin black lines in the crease of the eyes) for a result that was still strong, but not too overdone. Redken’s Guido Palau teased hair into low ponytails, with swept-over, low-hanging side parts that ended up looking like faux bangs. There was some height at the crown with random strands pulled out to give the hair a “slept in, grungy” finish. And there were a few brunette models who went totally Edie (read: bleach blonde), with the help of Laurie Foley.

Beautygram: Edie Sedgwicks at Marc Jacobs