Beautygram: Handcrafted Plaid Nails at Rodarte

Photo: Christina Han

Last Tuesday, while most people were mapping out their Fashion Week attire, CND manicurist Michelle Huynh was already at hard at work handcrafting press-on nails for Rodarte — it’s the fastest way to get the job done backstage. She first painted each nail with a blend of CND’s Desert Suede and Frosting Cream polishes. Then, as those dried, she made a custom color, mixing the aforementioned hues and the brand’s Chocolate Milk. She then painted the concoction across sheets of wax paper, allowed it to dry, cut it into skinny strips, and finally placed them on each nail with tweezers to create a woven pattern (the inspiration was “modern medieval,” by the way). It took fifteen minutes to make one nail, and over 200 hours to create the 30 sets needed for the show. Talk about dedication to the cause.