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Beautygram: Wigging Out at Theyskens’ Theory

Backstage at Theyskens’ Theory, located in the dark (and steaming hot) basement of the U.S. Post Office at 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue, there is an impossible-to-miss table of 40 Styrofoam heads with odd, multicolored wigs atop them. Each ice-blonde, dark-purple-y chestnut, faded brunette, and grayish-green hairpiece was hand-dyed by Odile Gilbert over the last two weeks (she has the stained nails to prove it) and costs twice as much as the designers faux-leather shorts ($600 to be exact — merp!). “The coloring is a bit washed out and romantic,” Gilbert said. “We’re wetting the hair and leaving a bit of conditioner in the wigs so it looks a little grunge by the time the hair is dry.” The inspiration for the chin-skimming bobs with razored, rough ends? “Olivier! He just cut off all his hair!”