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Bravo Green-lights More Rachel Zoe Project

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This morning Bravo confirmed a forthcoming fifth season of The Rachel Zoe Project, refuting recent rumors that the show might be headed for cancellation. The network notes Zoe’s evolution “from being a successful celebrity stylist into the Rachel Zoe brand” — brands are people, too, friends! — with an “ever-expanding” fashion and accessories label. The show will continue to bring us the stylist’s antics, both professional and domestic, including plenty of scenes with “little fashionisto Skyler … now a walking toddler.” The helpful press release concludes with an exciting promise: “Rachel proves that not only can she go ‘bananas,’ but can have her cake and eat it too.” Or, more likely, Rachel will have her cake while looking at it with thinly veiled longing masked as disgust.