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Sloane Crosley’s Tips for Dealing With Fashion Week’s ‘Model-Shrapnel Explosion’

Photo: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Essayist Sloane Crosley’s apartment is located “dangerously close” to Milk Studios, which means it’s nearly impossible for her to avoid the “model-shrapnel explosion” that tears through her neighborhood in early September. But, as she explained at last night’s launch of jewelry line Let’s Bring Back by Lulu Frost, Fashion Week’s long-legged herds “don’t make me feel bad about myself the way normal model sightings might, because there are so many. You just have to take whatever insecurities or neuroses you have and put them under a pin for a week.” As for those normal model sightings, she admits, “Sometimes in New York, you’re walking down the street and you realize there’s a girl walking in front of you whose thighs you could hit a golf ball through, and maybe that makes you depressed.” But, Crosley added, the sight of women “for whom a bowling ball could fit through their thighs” doesn’t inspire jealousy because “that’s not normal.” Either way, she concluded, “You really shouldn’t be playing any ball-based sports around models.”

Crosley on FW’s ‘Model-Shrapnel Explosion’