Daily Backstage Beauty Q: Will You Wash Your Hair Tonight?

Sometimes the hair on a fashion show’s runway looks completely natural — like maybe no showers, sprays, or curling irons were involved. But as you well know, models spend hours backstage in a massive hair-product cloud sent floating by a dozen blow-dryers set on full blast. Yesterday’s lineup was no exception. Kerastase’s Odile Gilbert shellacked models’ hair into Helmut Newton–inspired slicks at Jason Wu and sculpted Grace Jones-esque flat tops at Suno; Redken’s Guido also went the sleek route by smoothing the front part of the girls’ hair with ample amounts of gel at rag & bone. At Jen Kao, Cutler’s Anthony Turner created an impromptu sweatbox by having his stylists blow-dry, curl, and blow-dry models’ hair again to create messy, post-gym chignons. After making the backstage beauty rounds, we started wondering what everyone else’s hair-care routines would be for the evening.

Jason Wu

B. Brill, Odile Gilbert’s first assistant: “I washed it yesterday, so I won’t tonight. I like to wash it every two-and-a-half days because it’s been bleached and colored with Manic Panic and I want to protect that. On the days off, I’ll spray my hair with Klorane’s dry shampoo.”

Bette Franke, model: “Yes! I think there’s going to be a lot of product in my hair today so I will shampoo later with the ’orange’ Kerastase one. I can never remember their names. When I’m not doing the shows, I’ll just usually wash with the ’pink’ one.”

Jen Kao

Yadim, lead makeup artist for M.A.C.: “I don’t have much hair, but I’ll definitely wash it tonight because it’s so hot and steamy in that room! I’ll use Dr. Bronner’s hemp and peppermint shampoo because it feels really good and cooling.”

Andrew, jewelry designer: “I was planning on going surfing this morning at Rockaway Beach and would’ve let the ocean do the washing, but I slept in so I ended up taking a shower at my parent’s place and used some of my mom’s shampoo. So yeah, I won’t be washing my hair again tonight.”

Ali, director at Jen Kao: “No, I definitely won’t be because I want to go straight to sleep. I’ll just wash it in the morning.”

Jan Arnold, founder of CND: “Not tonight, because I wash it every morning and once is enough! I usually like the green shampoo and conditioner from Kerastase because it’s called ’Ciment,’ or cement as I like to call it, because I need to hold on to all my little hairs, every last one of them!”

rag & bone

Karlie Kloss: “It depends on if Guido tortures my hair right now. But he gave me this Redken All Soft shampoo once, so I’ll use that when I get home and I know my hair will feel silky smooth after he’s put in all this gel!”

Liu Wen: “Of course, oh my god, I’ve had four shows today and there’s so much product in my hair. There’s shine spray, gel, and glue from a set of extensions. The only shampoo that will add moisture to my dry, Asian hair is Bumble and bumble’s coconut shampoo.”

Andrea, model: “Today I’ve had two shows, Jason Wu and rag & bone, so I know my hair will feel like crumbly paper by the time I get home. I like to use a natural shampoo from Whole Foods and if my hair is really damaged, I’ll put in some castor oil. I learned that trick from my mom.”


Nadiyah Spencer, director of product at Suno: “Not washing it tonight because my hair is in a natural state right now and it’s styled in this look I like to call ‘pretty Elvis.’ Sunday’s going to be my washing day, though. It’ll take me two hours to wash and press it.”

Katherine Ensslen, executive director of international fashion collections for M.A.C.: “I’m not planning on washing it tonight, because I’d rather use the half-hour it would take to shower to drink a glass of wine.”

Carole Colombani, lead makeup artist for M.A.C.: “I only wash my hair in the morning, so I won’t tonight. But since I have very thin hair I really use Klorane dry shampoo most of the time; I’m still on the search for an actual shampoo I really like.”

Daily Beauty Q: Will You Wash Your Hair Tonight?