emmys 2012

Everyone Was Talking About Pregnant Claire Danes at the Emmys

At last night’s Emmy Awards, it felt like all anyone was talking about was how the first woman in the history of the world Claire Danes was pregnant. So far the actress has been pretty low key about it, so it’s not surprising that some of the less Us Weekly–savvy viewers out there hadn’t heard. But from Giuliana Rancic introducing her as “a preggers Claire Danes” to Jimmy Kimmel lamenting that Danes would have to present alone because her baby couldn’t read yet, we were constantly reminded that she is expecting. Babies are great and all, but Claire Danes was actually nominated (and won!) for a rather big award. Did the commentators lose their Homeland CliffsNotes? Did Danes’s publicist ask everyone to talk about being pregnant so people wouldn’t just think she looked fat in her rather tentlike yellow Lanvin dress? Or do people just love babies that much? Check out all of the baby-bump mentions from last night’s Emmys and decide for yourself. 

Everyone Was Talking About Pregnant Claire Danes