Fern Mallis: ‘I Don’t Think We Need FNO This Week’

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Fern Mallis is often credited for “making” New York Fashion Week, and she thinks it doesn’t need Fashion’s Night Out. At a Boom Boom Room party hosted by André Balazs last night, the fashion guru opined, “Fashion Week creates such a buzz and so much chaos that I don’t think we need FNO this week.” She’s not against the event — she just thinks it’s poorly timed. January or October would be better, she said, because “stores really need the business” then.

Meanwhile, asked for an opinion on Ryan Lochte’s fashion line, Mallis replied, “Ryan Lochte has a fashion line? You’re kidding.” C’mon, Fern, he really needs the business.

Fern Mallis: We Don’t Need FNO This Week