Fug Girls: 2012 Emmys Superlatives, Including Saddest Hair and Best Breakup Cleavage

From left: Edie Falco, Lucy Liu, and Nicole Kidman.

The Emmys occasionally feel like the runt of the awards litter, marooned as they are so long after the more fawned-over Globes-to-Oscars season. But we think this actually works to the show’s advantage: It’s just far enough removed from all that folderol that everybody seems excited, rather than fatigued, to dress up again. Here are ten Emmy night ensembles that stood out to us on the red carpet, either for their loveliness, their cracked-out craziness, their boldness, or the fact that they came with foot-high hair and a sunshade. Yes, you read that right.

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Fug Girls: 2012 Emmys Superlatives