Fug Girls: Diplomat Ashley Greene Fielded Twilight Questions at DKNY

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Fashion Week always ponies up some unexpected faces, and the DKNY show on Sunday brought us one of the most random: an actress named Kelsey Chow, whose résumé mostly includes Disney shows except for, of course, her recurring appearances on the dearly departed One Tree Hill. Unfortunately, we didn’t recognize her while she was standing next to us in her leather culottes; it wasn’t until midway through the show that we sat up with a jolt and realized she was Mouth’s sports-talk sidekick Gigi, and thus had to spend many, many episodes pretending to be in love with him. We’d have loved to bend her ear about whether it was tough pretending to crush on TV’s preachiest doofus, but suffice it to say she may have been severely underestimated by Emmy voters.

In less surprising news, Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden popped up again, and the brand’s face Ashley Greene arrived in a very simple black dress and spent several minutes hugging Donna Karan — who always hangs out with the masses before her show — and doing a very diplomatic job of answering questions about the upcoming Twilight premiere without mentioning the words Rob or Kristen, or even awkward. Greene talked a bit about preparing for such a huge slate of domestic and international premieres, saying that she’s working on customizing some gowns with Donna Karan for the tour. “If we can, it’s fun if they have a story. You always want them to be appropriate to where you are,” she said. “Something you wear to the VMAs, you’re not going to wear to the Oscars, and it’s the same with different venues and cities. For L.A. it might be more whimsical and in New York it might make more of a statement.”

Considering that every time we arrive at fashion week we instantly conclude we hate everything we brought, we had to wonder how Greene manages to pack for those prolonged overseas junkets. “This lady. She is a maniac,” Greene said, squeezing the arm of her stylist Cristina Ehrlich. “She packs trunks, ships them over, and literally gives me a bible, a giant book of the dresses, the jewelry, everything.” Ehrlich also apparently carries a stocked handbag, like Mary Poppins without the umbrella: As we discussed Ashley’s secrets for surviving all that air travel — “Water — seriously, it’s all hydration” — Ehrlich pulled a bottle out of her purse and played Vanna White with it. “I also like to stay active,” Greene said. “It’s good to sweat it out and get those impurities out.” Wait, so is she that organized that she can go for a jog through Tokyo before a big event? “Well … a sauna is much easier if you’re tired,” she grinned. If Ehrlich has one of those in her bag, too, then she really ought to get a medal. Or at least a raise.

Fug Girls: Ashley Greene on Twilight at DKNY