Fug Girls: Elisabeth Moss Gives the Silent Treatment at Alice + Olivia

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As always, the Alice + Olivia presentation on Monday was half-clothes, half-party:  There was a DJ, a dude handing out Magnum ice cream popsicles, an electric-violinist, and sizable free specialty cocktails — in this case, martinis made with a flower frozen inside a giant ice cube. They even added Jell-O shots to the mix. We’re lucky that no one got super hammered and fell down the elevator shaft — although maybe that’s why they also stocked the bar with coconut water, which conveniently also is a tremendous hangover-deterrent. Or so we hear.

The place was typically chock-a-block with celebs, predictably enjoying the potent drinks, but also showing a surprising (and welcome) willingness to jam ice-cream into their faces in public. Olympian Allyson Felix, looking foxy in a red ensemble that included a matching lip color, was the first one we saw dive into the treats:  She cased the loud room a tad uncomfortably, excitedly beelined for the Magnum cart, and then — in the time it took for us to put down our martini glasses — vanished. We guess she is as fast as advertised. Felix’s former teammate Sanya Richards-Ross came in about 20 minutes later; those two don’t seem to be spending much time together, considering that they surely must know each other fairly well. We decided they’re probably in some kind of dramatic and exciting Olympian blood feud — possibly over Prince Harry — that will eventually have to be decided on the track, in a live event to be televised by NBC. Come to think of it, we also spotted Teen Wolf’s Crystal Reed — who looked only slightly like a Sister Wife in an overly long dress — moving around exactly the opposite parts of the room as her co-star Holland Roden. Maybe they are also in a feud, and can sprint it out werewolf-style on the Felix/Richards-Ross undercard. Get your voice ready, Costas.

Lauren Conrad showed up wearing the exact same top-knot she employed on Sunday. Okay, not literally the same, although we like the idea that she just plonks it on in the morning and takes it off at night and puts it in a box while she sleeps. Ice skating superstar Sarah Hughes attended as well, although we wished she had worn… something that was not the thing she was wearing. AnnaSophia Robb had on a very girly, poofy red skirt that was somehow both age appropriate, yet also something we think grown-up Carrie Bradshaw would have wanted to own, which is apt giving Robb’s role in the upcoming Carrie Diaries. Robb posed for a couple pictures with Abigail Breslin, who also got stuck in what might be the longest interview we’ve ever seen in a Fashion Week press line. Every time we looked over at her, the same person was sticking her iPhone Voice Memo app in the kid’s face. Y’all, the girl isn’t old enough for the drinks; at least let her go get some ice cream before it melts. Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss avoided that problem — her PR girl explained that she was doing minimal press due to a sore throat. She did look delighted to be there, though, so our theory is that she is either a) sick of people asking her about her new blond haircut (which, for the record, looks really cute in person) and could not say another word about it; or b) desperately afraid people were going to ask her about those accidentally graphic photos of Jon Hamm going commando in casual slacks.  Which, okay: We might have asked that after a couple of those Giant Ice Cube Cocktails.

Gossip Girl’s Kaylee DeFer made an appearance, as did Kelly Bensimon and Blue Bloods’ Sami Gayle. So far, we’ve seen Gayle twice and both times she’s been wearing leather (shorts and a skirt, respectively). Leather is sincerely a thing for the celebs this season, you guys. It’s more common than Botox this week. Across the room, Odette Annable bellied up to the bar with a similarly be-sequined Jamie Chung. The two seemed to be fast friends, which really only seems weird until you look up Chung on IMDb and realize that she’s nearly 30 instead of the 19 you assumed. Also lurking near the bar was For A Good Time, Call…’s Ari Graynor, whose face looked great but who had been poured into a dress that could not fully contain her feminine assets — perhaps against her will, since we spied her yanking it up vigorously over her chest while her PR person gave what looked like a frenzied pep talk before sending Ari out to the press line. Don’t sweat it, Ari — if there’s anything this job has taught us, it’s that an excess of boob will not end the world.  So stop worrying about the girls and drink up.

Fug Girls: Elisabeth Moss at Alice + Olivia