Fug Girls: Sanya Richards-Ross Continues Her Post-Olympics Victory Lap at Hervé Léger

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The Hervé Léger show on Saturday afternoon was a bit like a celebrity-themed eye exam: From our seat across the tent, we were relying on the accuracy of our squinting abilities to parse correctly the bone structures in the front row. We still haven’t figured out if the bleach-blonde next to Louise Roe was, in fact, British singer Ellie Goulding, so we withheld all our geeky questions about singing at the royal wedding reception, and whether Prince Harry has any innate rhythm. We were pleased to be correct that the brunette in highlighter-pen yellow was actress Odette Annable, and surprised that we guessed correctly the blonde sitting next to her: former model Cheryl Tiegs, last seen getting fired by Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, presumably before she could sell him a wig from her Revlon line. Maybe next time. Do they do an all-star season on a show that’s already allegedly all stars?

Max Azria drew some of his regulars, too — Petra Nemcova, Leigh Lezark, and Jessica White all came, as did Daisy Fuentes, who surfaced along with White at BCBG earlier in the week. Peter Brant Jr. and — we think — his brother Harry showed up with some ladies in tow, and got their moment in the flash-photography sun. After accidentally photobombing the Brantlings, we nearly squealed in delight to see Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross continuing her post-Olympics victory lap through New York Fashion Week. Richards-Ross stood as tall in person as her medals are shiny, and told us there was basically no question as to what she’d do with her six-week training break. “I’ve always wanted to come to Fashion Week, and so after winning the gold and being able to let my hair down, I thought this was a great way to celebrate,” she said. “Being here really is my second dream come true.” The sprinter said she’s been having a ball picking out all her different outfits — “My publicist is family, so we’re together and I do a little show for her before the show” — but is still trying to master the whole fashion-is-pain thing: “I don’t wear heels this much, so the hardest thing has been figuring out my shoe game — what shoes I can survive in,” she laughed. “I’m trying to wear stuff that I feel good in, but there is a pair of flats always in my purse.” Sounds like a veteran move to us.

For Leger, Richards-Ross picked out a bright blue and green bandage dress and matching green eyeliner, making her one of the most cheerful and colorful front-row denizens. But there was one color we desperately wanted to see her flash: The Gold. “It’s kind of the best accessory, right?” she laughed. “My publicist has it right now — I always bring it with me, just in case. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a medal replaced, and my dad is always freaking out, like, ‘Where are the medals, do you have them?’ I’m like, ‘Dad, we carry them with us and put them in the safe at night, it’s okay, it’s going to be fine.’” Seriously, Mr. Richards. Even if someone tries to grab them, you know your daughter can chase them down. No matter which shoes she’s wearing.

Fug Girls: Sanya Richards-Ross at Hervé Léger