Fug Girls: Anna Chlumsky Has Tennis Anxiety at Christian Siriano

Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

It was sweltering at Christian Siriano’s show at Eyebeam on Saturday afternoon— so much so that we were kind of worried someone was going to pass out. The temperature wasn’t helped by the fact that there was a huge television crew dashing around after Brad Goreski and his assistant, presumably filming for his Bravo reality show.  “Oh my god, it’s SO HOT,” a woman called to Brad’s assistant. “Aren’t you just schvitzing in every scene?”

As much as we wanted to know how much sweat the cast of It’s a Brad Brad World was excreting— a lot, we suspect, given that Brad was wearing a letterman’s jacket— we scampered across the runway at this point to peer at celebrity row. It was the usual mix of random-yet-beautiful models and a handful of celebrities you recognize from somewhere, but you’re not entirely sure where. This time, the batch included model Julie Henderson (whom we always mistake for Allison Williams at first glance); a bluntly bobbed and very enthusiastic Sia, sporting adorable baby blue heels; Monet Mazur, who is always at Christian Siriano, and who admittedly looked fantastic in a black cocktail dress; and Natasha Bedingfield, who made a very dramatic last minute entrance wearing sunglasses and mugging for the photogs— none of whom knew who she was for a long time due to the aforementioned sunglasses, and many of whom were laboring under the delusion that she was Elizabeth Banks for way longer than is probably good for Bedingfield’s PR.

Eventually, we also noticed actress Anna Chlumsky. “You know, My Girl,” we explained to the girl next to us, being briefly unable to remember the name of her current HBO gig (Veep).  Anna looked frankly fabulous in a hot pink sheath dress and fierce reptile-print shoes, but she, at least, wasn’t focused on the clothes. She was worried about the US Open. “He’s two sets up,” we overheard her stress to fellow actress and seatmate Nicole LaLiberte, who was apparently on several episodes of How to Make It In America, although that’s hearsay from the photographer who also gave us the “Elizabeth Banks” intel. “I don’t know what’s happening,” she continued. “I’m taping it.” She had to be talking about Andy Murray, and here’s some good news, Anna: Not only did you look amazing, your boy pulled out a win— and all before the storm blew into town. Let’s count Saturday as a success all around.

Fug Girls: Tennis Talk at Christian Siriano