Daphne Guinness Splish-Splashes Her Way Into a Court Settlement

Photo: LAN/Corbis

Back in 2010, Daphne Guinness’s downstairs neighbors, Karim and Tina Samii, sued after alleging Guiness’s repeatedly overflowing bathtub leaked into their apartment. On one occasion, an extravagantly dressed rubber duck even floated its way into one of their walk-in closets. (Okay, not really.) The Samiis petitioned for damages, $1 million in emotional distress, and even demanded that Guinness be barred from bathing at home. A judge ruled yesterday that Guinness would pay repair costs but not the additional million. No word on whether she’s allowed back in the offending bath — presumably it’s okay.

Guinness Splish-Splashes Her Way Into Settlement