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Here’s the Video Diane Von Furstenberg Made With Her Google Glasses

You may recall that the models at DVF’s latest show wore some weird-looking thingamajigs on their faces that supposedly possessed magical powers, like the capacity to take photos and video, undress people in the front row, and zap anyone who tries to steal your seat (just kidding on those last two, har har). Even Diane herself was wearing them backstage as she sent her models down the runway and took her bow at the end. The show notes explained that the eyewear was part of a partnership between Google and DVF, and that the footage they obtained would be made into a short documentary about the day. We were initially skeptical, but the resulting film has just been released and it’s actually quite wonderful — particularly one touching moment where we see Diane tape a lucky gold coin that belonged to her father into her shoe before the show. With one Fashion Week (almost) down and three more to go, it’s worth taking a moment to watch this.

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Here’s the Video DVF Made With Google Glasses