Hermès and LVMH: You Know What, Let’s Just Sue Each Other


As it turns out, Hermès International is still upset about LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton’s slowly growing (first, it was 17.1 percent, now it’s 22.3 percent, and soon it’ll be a billi — kidding?) stake in the company. The Birkin-maker filed a complaint in Paris court over the summer, “accusing LVMH of insider trading, collusion, and manipulating stock prices,” according to WWD’s sources. And then, out of nowhere, LVMH decided yesterday to sue Hermès for “slander, blackmail, and unfair competition.” Apparently, nothing is expected to happen until French watchdog AMF concludes whether LVMH followed market rules … more financial speak … some legal jargon … real talk: Which Céline bag would you give up your first-born for?

Hermès and LVMH Are Suing Each Other