Kate vs. Kate: The Lanphear-Bosworth Wardrobe Mash-Up


Elle style director Kate Lanphear is revered for her sharp, punk-influenced black-and-white binary style. Among her signature items: black leather, crucifixes, stacks of rings and multiple bracelets. Actress Kate Bosworth, meanwhile, has a lock on that fresh, feminine, chic-girl-next-door look. She’s drawn toward swingy skirts, delicate jewelry, classic trenches, and ladylike pumps. As fans of both Kates, we’ve often wondered: How would these two disparate styles come together? In our first-ever wardrobe mash-up, we sourced clothes and accessories from both ends of the tough-sweet spectrum and used them to build five hybrid outfits. For example: a high-shine patent skirt from ASOS and tough Balenciaga buckle boot (very Lanphear), paired with a prim mint cashmere crewneck from Reiss (very Bosworth). While some of the outfits lean more toward one Kate’s style, others could easily belong to either woman, and as with any good mash-up, you soon move on from the original material and enjoy the Frankensteined creation. Click on to see the results.

Kate vs. Kate: Lanphear-Bosworth Style Mash-Up