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London Eye: British Vogue’s Jaime Perlman, Day Three

Photo: Jaime Perlman

On day three of London Fashion Week, we bumped into Jaime Perlman leaving the Acne show. Saturday night was the rag & bone and AnOther magazine party, where by chance she was seated next to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. “That was exciting,” she told the Cut. “I got to know him a little bit — he was very sweet. He was telling me that he’s good friends with the guys from rag & bone, so he’s been doing the music for them and then he D.J.-ed at their party. Meeting him was the highlight of my day.”

The dinner and after-party were at Annabel’s, and Perlman described her dessert, an amazing chocolate soufflé served with pistachio ice cream. “Annabel’s is quite fun — it has a very glossy, glamorous interior,” she said. “It’s very London. You couldn’t find an interior like that in any other city, I don’t think. It was really crowded once they opened it up to the after-party. Everybody was dancing to Thom Yorke’s tunes. I got home by 1 a.m., but I think a lot of people were there much later.”

As for Acne, the collection seemed to be a joyous celebration of weird, and Perlman enjoyed the oddness: “I liked it. It seemed really different from what they’ve been doing — it was very ‘cowboy.’ I didn’t see much I would wear myself, but I thought Cara Delevingne looked very cute in her denim look.” Before Acne, she spent some time browsing images from Marios Schwab. “I didn’t go to the show but I saw the collection and thought it was really beautiful. It was all really fringe-y and the color palette was cool — a lot of blues and blacks and reds.”

We said good-bye and went our separate ways, but later she phoned with an update — she made a last-minute decision to catch the Jonathan Saunders show and wanted it down in writing as her Sunday highlight. “It was really lovely. I loved the sparkly dresses at the end,” she said. “There was an amazing red-sequin-encrusted twin set, a cardigan and skirt, and some gorgeous sequined cocktail dresses. Also a lot of stripes, which seem to be everywhere this season.”

London Eye: Jaime Perlman, Day Three