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Mormon Chat Forum Dissects Ann Romney’s ‘Garments’ (or Lack Thereof)

Ann Romney: garment-free?
Ann Romney: garment-free? Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

We can all agree that the black leather outfit Ann Romney wore on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night was the closest to risqué she’s ever come. But according to a chat forum titled “Why didn’t Ann wear her garments … ?” on a website called, some members of the LDS church are concerned that she might not be wearing “garments,” a kind of underwear worn by most adult Mormons. Here’s a sampling of their reactions:

From zeezrom:

Thank God for Ann. This is a cry to all the LDS Women in the world:
“It is okay to raise the hemline!”
Now, let us pray she begins to work on the sleeves next.

From Just Me:

She could absolutely wear garmies with that awesome skirt.

From DarkHelmet:

She’s probably wearing garments. Garments tend to ride up a little bit. The skirt probably just barely covers her garments.

From Elphaba:

I have a couple of questions. First, are garments fairly standard in length? I know my mother’s garments would definitely have shown when sitting down if she had worn Ann’s skirt, but my mom is only about 5’5”. Is it possible Ann is tall enough that they would not have shown when she sat down?

Second, does the Church approve of adjusting the garments in some way to prevent them from showing? If Ann’s height did not ensure the garments would not show when she sat down, it’s obvious to me she altered them somehow, such as taping the hems up. In fact, given she was on national television, I would be shocked to discover she didn’t take precautions of some short to ensure they did not show. I have no personal objection to that, but it does seem to me something the Church would oppose. I admit, however, I really don’t know.

We could continue reading these all day, but isn’t it fascinating that Ann’s Mormon faith adds an extra layer (literally) of complexity to her outfits?

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