First Look: New Jewelry Exhibit at London Fashion Week


Last month, the British Fashion Council announced the Rock Vault Dozen — a new commission for twelve young jewelry designers in association with the International Palladium Board. The designers were each asked to create a ring using up to an ounce of palladium. On Saturday the rings will be unveiled to press and buyers at London Fashion Week.

By using palladium, a precious, lightweight white metal with remarkable strength, the designers (including Hannah Martin, Husam El Odeh, and Katie Hillier) were able to create more adventurous pieces than would have been possible with silver or gold. When we asked each jeweler for a few words about his or her design, they were full of colorful compliments for the metal — it was compared variously to a lily, a dragonfly, and an “Afro-Brazilian deity.” Click through the slideshow for a peek at the rings before they go on display.

New Jewelry Exhibit at London Fashion Week