Nightlife: A Peek Into the Underground Clubs and Fashion Bars of Paris

Photo: Pari Dukovic

Paris Fashion Week officially started yesterday with a slew of shows and events, which means the parties are not long to follow. While New Yorkers are still recovering from our local debauchery, the City of Light handles things in a more civilized manner, keeping their already well-developed scene going per usual. Chez Regine (and its redheaded lion), Fabrice Emaer’s Bain Douches, and Le Baron brought to you by André and Lionel of La Clique are old standbys that will host many a giddy editor in town for the week. 

But over the past few years, Arnaud Frisch has made inroads with France’s cool kids by way of his music production company Savoir Faire (think Birdy Nam Nam, Yuksek, the Bewitched Hands), and opening the subterranean hot spot for all of the American Apparel burgundy stirrup tights wearers to see and be seen, the Social Club. Frisch then upped his club cred in August 2011 with Silencio, a members-only spot — 420 to 1,500 euros a year! — housed in yet another basement, designed by David Lynch. For summer, the Savoir Faire crew ascended to sea level with Wanderlust, a creative space on the Seine that hosts origami workshops, “yoga & brunch,” film screenings, and, of course, D.J. sets. The Cut sent photographer Pari Dukovic to capture the scenes at Frisch’s trio of venues. Click ahead to see who you might bump into if you’re out and about in Paris this coming week — and remember, no matter what city you’re in, no matter what the club, the real parties always happen in the bathroom.

Nightlife: Underground Clubs in Paris