Salma Hayek Has Laid Eyes on Hedi Slimane’s Forthcoming Collection for Saint Laurent

Photo: Steve Ross/Capital Pictures,/ Retna Ltd./Corbis

And “it’s extraordinary!” she told the Telegraph, “throwing her head back,” either for dramatic effect — or because she knows that Hedi’s an angel sent from the heavens to design beautiful, beautiful clothes and eradicate the widespread use of the letter Y. Hayek also answered the One Question I Would Ask If I Ever Got to Meet Her: Does she actually purchase all of the Gucci, McQueen, and items by assorted PPR brands that she wears? “He [husband François-Henri Pinault] still pays for it, so I feel always like I can’t just go and take anything I want, you know? I could, because he is really nice to me, but I always feel I cannot become that, some crazy woman that comes and takes half the store.” I could be that woman.

Salma Hayek Saw Hedi Slimane’s New Collection