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Someone Needs to Make a Mash-Up of Anna Dello Russo’s ‘Fashion Shower’ and Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’

Anna Dello Russo’s full “Fashion Shower” music video premiered this morning. The clip, which doubles as promotion of her new accessories line in collaboration with H&M and potential Rihanna remix material, sees ADR prancing around against opulent, Eurotrash-y backdrops in high heels, feathers, veils, and a black Latex minidress (should she get wet), “singing” along to the semi-nonsensical fashion rules she’d often post on her blog back in the day. For example: “Lesson #6: Somebody wearing your same outfit. Wonderful! You did a right choice. (Air kisses.)” The Times harshly describes the whole thing asthe kind of train wreck that makes you feel just a little bit sorry for the subject, even though you know she is making a lot of cash for flashing her long legs.” Pity Anna not, we say, just dance along with her.

See Anna Dello Russo’s ‘Fashion Shower’ Video