if these clothes could talk

Kristen Stewart to Continue Wearing Robert Pattinson’s Clothing in Public As a Testament to Her Undying Love

Photo: Sharky / Splash News

The face of October’s British Vogue was spotted at LAX yesterday (likely wailing along to Elliott Smith) in the very same T-shirt that Robert wore on July 19, 2011, E! Online writes. And several weeks ago, for her first post-scandal Oh Shit, the Paparazzi Are Following Me to My Car photo shoot, the actress broke out Pattinson’s baseball hat and backpack, sartorial choices that we dissected here. So, what does Wednesday’s Irie tee mean? According to Grazia, the word irie is defined as “being at total peace with your current state of being,” info that perhaps Kristen, too, found on UrbanDictionary.com. In any case, we can’t wait to see how Kristen turns up to the Toronto Film Festival tonight. If she has on black jeans with the fly down, we might say something, as people who care deeply for her.

Stewart to Continue Wearing Pattinson’s Clothing