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Tavi: ‘I Think My Face Is Kind of Chronically Bitchface-y’

Mlle. Gevinson swung by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday — presumably to promote Rookie Yearbook One — and she also introduced Jimmy to the idea of bitchface. “A bitchface is a way to express your passive-aggression,” Tavi explained. “It’s a way … well, I’m taking advantage of our medium here, because [Rookie] is all text and photos, so I’m trying to use my voice to express my passive-aggression, which I don’t have towards you, but — ” and Jimmy interjected, “It’s like a bitch voice, but you’re doing this as an act.” Tavi agreed, adding, “Except, I think my face is kind of chronically bitchface-y. Sometimes after class my teachers will be like, Are you okay? And I’m like, I’m okay, it’s just my face.” Preach! (We might have been the first members of the “I’m Not Mad, That’s Just My Face” group on a certain social networking website in 2003.)

Tavi: My Face Is Kind of Chronically Bitchface-y