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Tom Ford Deigned to Release Photos of His New Collection!

Photo: Harold Cunningham/2012 Getty Images

Designer Tom Ford, who famously refuses to allow photography at his shows lest the images be spread through dastardly mediums like the Internet where just any old person could gaze upon them, has actually allowed two pictures of his new collection to be printed alongside Suzy Menkes’s glowing review in the International Herald Tribune. (Yes, there are bike shorts, and yes, the black material does look a bit Hefty-bag-esque.) Usually we hoi polloi have to wait at least a few months to see the clothes, which gradually trickle online via Vogue spreads or strange videos, so the fact that these are available mere days after his London show marks a notable change in policy. Perhaps he’ll come around to this whole Internet thing yet!

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Tom Ford Deigned to Release Photos of Clothes!