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Twin Selena Gomez Co-Stars: We Have Nine-Inch Dicks

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After parlaying a viral Vice magazine profile into a role in slutty Selena Gomez movie Spring Breakers, Sidney and Thurman Sewell — also known as the ATL Twins — are making a splash at New York Fashion Week. The twin brothers “share everything,” right down to the Penthouse pet they were once engaged to “together.” At Olivier Zahm’s Purple party last night, the duo spoke to The Cut about acting, being “gnarlier” than Terry Richardson, and how they will soon “be all Bieber style.”

True to their usual “same person in two bodies” form, the brothers spoke in unison and finished each others’ sentences with such regularity that we had to transcribe them together.

So you’re from Atlanta?
Yeah, we got into town today, but we were in Toronto [for the film festival]. Spring Breakers is amazing. It’s next-level shit. So can you write an article about us? 

We’ll see. You were interviewed for Purple?
Yeah, and Terry Richardson photographed us. It was dope.

Did he make you do anything crazy? He’s always trying to push the envelope.
Of course. We pushed his envelopes. We were like, let’s get gnarlier. He was supposed to come to our hotel room with a bunch of model chicks, but he has this really conservative girlfriend now and she has him on a tight leash. So yeah, his girl was tripping. We brought a big ass bottle of Grey Goose, but Terry is sober as shit, and all the staff were like you can’t drink that around him. We’re like, oh whatever, Terry is Terry, he doesn’t give a fuck. So we’d go outside for a smoke and he comes out and is like, ‘Smoke inside, drink inside, I don’t give a fuck, let’s do this.’ And so the stylist had two assistants with her and one of them was pretty cute so we’re asking Terry can we gang up on her? We were like, come over here and get naked. 

Okay, pushing the envelope.
We wanted to get gnarlier. Did you see our Purple interview yet? Look, our name’s on the cover.

Nice. How do you feel about it?
We’re stoked about it. Look at this shit. There’s a lot of people in this shit. 

[Looking at magazine.] Aw, there’s baby photos.
Yeah, we are always together. We were engaged to a girl together. A Penthouse model, we almost married her. [Flips through magazine.] Double-page spread. This is our dream. We share everything. Even girls. Tonight we will be in the same bed, but there will be some chick in the middle. Maybe it’ll be you.

Not likely.
You never know. It’s early in the night and there’s a lot of drugs to be done.

Hmm, I’m still going to go with ‘no’ on that one. Anyway, what’s next for you guys?
We’re making an HBO show with Harmony [Korine, Spring Breakers director] about shit.

Can you be more specific?
It’s an HBO show. 

Yes, that part I understood.
It’s, like, kind of documentary-style about our life. Half reality, half scripted.

Exactly. Except gnarlier. You know how reality shows just won’t show people fucking? Well, we’re going to show that. We’re going to show us fucking bitches. We exploited women — people are going to hate us. We’re moving to L.A., to the Hollywood Hills. We’re going to get a big million-dollar upfront deal. We’ll be all Bieber style.

Wow, I was not expecting that comparison.
But except gnarlier, like with sex tapes. We’re going to be huge. When you see us next we’ll be like, ‘Who the fuck are you? Security!’ Nah, just kidding. Can you get people to follow our Instagram? It’s ATLtwins, and our Twitter is @theatltwins. We had to change our Instagram account like twenty times because people kept banning us. Selena Gomez’s fans were flagging us. 

Tell me about working with her?
She was cool. She knew we were crazy as shit, but she was cool. We talked to Bieber on the phone. We talked about skateboarding.

Do you have an easy time getting girls?
We have nine-inch dicks.

Well, I’m going to assume they don’t know that when they meet you. What’s your pickup move?
We’re charming as shit.

Twin Selena Gomez Co-Stars: We Have 9-Inch Dicks