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Video: Rachel Zoe Got Bangs to Match Her Models, Brings Back the Fanny Pack

Rachel Zoe staples like maxi skirts, floppy hats, white paillettes, and other seventies-inspired outfits were alive and well at her spring 2013 show yesterday. But there were some unexpected additions, too, like bonnet-type straw hats and fanny packs — or, as Zoe calls them, “waist pouches.” When the designer took her bow at the end of the show, she revealed brand-new bangs, which she’d gotten cut just the day before on a whim. “I was so delirious and stressed that I was like, ‘okay!’” she told us backstage. “And then I woke up this morning and was like, ‘Oh my God, I have bangs!’” (As morning-after realizations go, this could’ve been a lot worse.) See the full interview and footage from the show in our video.

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Video: Rachel Zoe Got Bangs to Match Her Models