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Vivienne Westwood’s Message to Would-Be Designers: Don’t Bother

Photo: Corbis

In a lengthy new interview with British newspaper the Independent, Westwood discusses her need to keep working. Each season’s design process, she explains, is “the opportunity to open my mouth and say something.” (And also to wear face paint.) But, the way she sees it, today’s fashion young’uns should just keep quiet and go back to their crayons. Says Westwood: “What I wouldn’t think is good is for a new person to become a fashion designer. I’d think, well, why on earth would you want to do that? There are enough of us now. A girl said to me recently: ‘I really want to be a fashion designer but I also like biology.’ I said: ‘Do biology.’” Presumably, you can always customize your lab coat.

Vivienne Westwood to New Designers: Don’t Bother