Was Bill Clinton Auditioning for First Lady Again Last Night?

Photo: Nick Merrill/State Department

Without even appearing at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton has managed to reap some 2016 buzz from it. The AP, among others, reports that Bill Clinton’s speech last night “may have started setting the stage for another White House bid by his wife.” It’s unclear how or why, except perhaps that Bill gave a good speech, and Bill and Hillary are a political unit in the public’s collective nostalgia. Bill’s appearance mostly served to bury the hatchet bloodied by the 2008 primary race, and the only mention of Hillary illustrated President Obama’s willingness to cooperate with other factions of the party. (Then again, even Michelle Obama’s perfectly wifely speech Tuesday was enough to prompt speculation that she’s angling for political office, too.)

“He appointed Cabinet members who supported Hillary in the primaries. Heck, he even appointed Hillary!” the former president said. “I’m so proud of her and grateful to our entire national security team.”

(Hillary’s diplomatic duties preclude politicking, but she tuned in from East Timor.)

Former Pennsylvania Governor and big-time Clinton supporter Ed Rendell reportedly said that “there’s no doubt that Bill wants her to run,” but the former president is being coy. “We’re not kids anymore,” Bill told NBC earlier last night. (Hillary will be 69 in 2016.) “I don’t have any idea if she’ll ever run again. She says she won’t.”

Gosh, thinking about 2016 is more fun and much less scary than thinking about 2012.

Was Bill Auditioning for First Lady Last Night?