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Wendy Pepper Joins Project Runway’s Second All-Star Cast

Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

While the cast of Project Runway’s new All-Star season hasn’t yet been officially announced, an update on the show’s website reveals photos of what look to be the new contestants. [Update: as noted, while the images are of the new designers, the names still, incorrectly, reflect last season’s cast.] And most important, season one’s Wendy Pepper — undeniably still one of the show’s biggest characters — looks to be making her hopefully just-as-villainous comeback. Will someone deface more photos of her daughter? We can only hope. (Sorry, but it made great TV.) Other notable designers back in the running: season three’s Kayne Gillaspie and Uli Herzner; season nine’s nasty Joshua McKinley; and our sentimental favorite, season two’s Andrae Gonzalo. Upset at his omission in Lifetime’s first All-Star lineup, we asked at the time, in our best Tim Gunn voices, “What happened to Andrae?” Well, now we know.

The cast in full: Althea Harper, Andrae Gonzalo, Anthony Ryan Auld, Casanova, Emilio Sosa, Ivy Higa, Joshua McKinley, Kayne Gillaspie, Laura Kathleen Planck, Peach Carr, Suede, Uli Herzner, and, yes, Wendy.

Wendy Pepper Joins Runway’s New All-Star Cast