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Where to Find a Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddies! Such a darkly fascinating concept during the two to four days leading up to payday. But where does one find one? And is being a freelance girlfriend all it’s cracked up to be? BuzzFeed’s Alex Belanger took firsthand look, using a website that pairs young women with rich dudes. ( Turns out they hang around the W hotel and lie about their appearance.

Shortly after my profile’s approval, emails started flooding my new fake account. One was from “International Finance Don Juan.” He wrote: “You look hot. Let’s meet.” He claimed he was exotic and athletic, over six feet and an independent stockbroker on his profile. After some small talk, he asked to meet me at the W — a “cool” luxury chain where seemingly all these guys wanted to meet or get a hotel room. “Don Juan” had sent a face shot of himself. It was cropped and a little blurry, but I had a general idea of what he looked like. When he walked in to the lobby bar, though, instead of “athletic,” he looked as if he could have checked off “more to love.” I guess all that matters is that these guys have the cash they say they have.

At barely 5’7” and almost totally bald minus small wiry patches of hair, he was sweating through his short-sleeved collared shirt. I tried to shake his hand, and he tried to hug me, which put my face almost directly into his armpit.

We’re not all Kristen Stewart, dude! At any rate, read on, because although the prospective sugar daddies get less repulsive, physically, Belanger’s undercover reporting reveals the even-more-repulsive entitlement of people who can afford not to care about other people at their most unguarded and shameless. It even reminds us of another little undercover story in the news this week. 

Where to Find a Sugar Daddy