Ann Romney Talks Abortion With Sharp-Tongued Women of The View

Ann Romney appeared on The View, today, sans Mitt, despite his offer to appear on the show in the aftermath of the leaked 47 percent video. Speaking privately to a group of Republican donors, Mitt can be heard describing The View as a “high-risk” media appearance because its female co-hosts are “sharp-tongued.”

“He said sharp and young,” Romney joked this morning.

Asked about her husband’s changing stance on abortion, Romney said that he governed Massachusetts pro-choice until a stem cell reserach bill prompted him to reveal his true, pro-life colors. As for women, Romney says that the ones talking to her are more worried about the economy than abortions. Everyone else will have to choose choice over the economy.

“Women are going to have the choice, it’s clear. If you really want to make a choice and those choices are about reproductive rights, that’s your choice. If they’re about economic issues and making a better future for your children and making sure we have this … That’s the beauty of what we have in this country. That we have those choices.”

That’s five uses of the word “choice.” Is she trying subliminally link “Mitt” and “choice” in our brains?

Asked if she thinks reproductive rights are an economic issue, she said her husband is a really good man.

Ann Romney Faces Sharp-Tongued Women of The View